Gintenco Swimming Goggles

Clear Open-wider View

One-piece Tempered Glass

Adjustable Buckles Design

Soft Nose Cover


【❤️Warm Tips❤️】
Please be AWARE that this swimming goggles is not acceptable to dive or jump into water when put it on face. Otherwise it may shatter into pieces. For your safety, please don’t do that.

【Clear Open-wider View】
This swimming goggles is of 180-degree panoramic view and made of one-piece glass design and the latest anti-fog treatment. The swim goggles for men can provide you with a clear and open field of vision when you are underwater. You can freely play with the underwater fish and find beautiful corals, so you can fully enjoy the fun of snorkeling, diving and swimming. Clear open-wider view, and see the wider world.

【One-piece Tempered Glass】
This snorkeling set is made of advanced thick tempered glass with good impact resistance and shatter resistance, which makes the diving mask much more stronger and safer to use. And the tempered glass make the pool goggles withstand deep water pressure for all types of diving, swimming and other underwater sports.

【Adjustable Buckles Design】
Based on the hydrodynamic shape design, the snorkel goggles use elastic food-grade liquid silicone, which makes the swim mask fit most face shapes comfortably and reduce facial resistance. And the silicone skirt makes sure face fully absorbed with it, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking. The adjustable buckles on both sides help you keep the nose cover goggles securely in place without slipping. And the unisex design is suitable for both men and women use.

【Soft Nose Cover】
Norabidea swim goggles for women is with soft silicone skirt and nose cover, which is very comfortable to wear. The nose cover design is very helpful for those people who do not know how to stop breathing when underwater. And the nose cover is with enough room for people who have a tall nose bridge. By covering the nose, you don’t have to worry choking underwater no matter for swimming, diving or snorkelling.

【What Merits Notice】
Please do not dive into water when wear this goggles with nose cover, as the impact is much stronger than you think. Please do not scratch the lens with sharp tools. If the diving goggles falls off on the ground, please carefully check the face mask goggles before use it. Do not expose the crystal silicone part under sunshine for long time, otherwise the color may change into yellow. And clean the swim mask for adult with some glasses cloth from time to time for longer use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Wilfred Wilkerson
Great product and affordable price!!!

These goggles are exactly what I was hoping for—comfortable and incredibly clean—and I really love them.

Mahdi Bernard
Great goggles for the money!

Excellent for my 9-year-old.

Maeve Key
Great purchase

Before summer was gone we use it 5 times to the beach, and it was great for looking under water.

Issac Mora
Great swim mask!!

These are slightly big but we are able to get them to fit his face and he can go under the water without any issue.

Ebony Sharpe
Goooood goggle!

They are great quality and have the feel of a very expensive pair.